Monday, April 01, 2013

No Longer Homeless

I know I’m skipping ahead by not telling you the details of our drive from Dallas to Mesa, AZ, but that’s not nearly as interesting as the fact that we bought a house today. We made the offer and it was accepted.

We’ve looked at several developments and found nice homes but nothing that WOW-ed us until we went to Crescent Run. We liked it almost immediately. The ambiance was beautiful.

The agent there showed us around the facilities before going out to see houses. Four ladies were playing Wii bowling in the lounge area. Others had just finished water aerobics at the pool. And the people were SO friendly!

We saw a  couple houses which just didn’t quite do it for us, but gave here an idea of what we were looking for. And then she took us to one listed by another realtor. WOW! Big WOW!

The owner lost her husband about a year ago and needed to sell the property. She came in and removed some of her belongings and left everything else to sell with the house. And it’s nice stuff, as you’re about to see. (A big plus since we did the same thing with our house in Florida and therefore don’t have any stuff!)

This is the front of the house with a double carport!


Here’s the living room and front entry. It’s got a good sized flat screen TV in there too. We wanted wood floors and here they are!


Here’s the kitchen. It’s got a gas stove which Julian really wanted.


There’s a dining room which I did not take a photo of, but the table and chairs are very nice, too.

Guest bedroom.


Master bedroom.


There’s a big walk-in closet off the master bedroom with tons of shelves and double rods.

It has a den which will become our office and possibly my craft area, too. We’ll have to figure out how that will all fit, but it could work.

Here’s the master bath. It has a big walk-in shower with 2 benches in it.


Look at this Arizona room. It’s got vinyl windows and even a shade on the back windows which face west. There’s even room for a hot tub!


And the storage shed is at least twice (if not three times) as big as any we’ve seen anywhere else. And look at all that storage. Julian’s in heaven!


It’s got a large capacity washer and dryer in a separate laundry room. There are two citrus trees in the (tiny) back yard, which will also provide some afternoon shade.

Check out the photos at the Crescent Run web site. Their amenities are head and shoulders above anything else we’ve seen here – very much like what we had at Royal Highlands. They have an RV storage area which is reasonably priced. They have six pool tables (Julian will use those), there are scrapbooking and Mah Jongg groups, water aerobics, shuffle board, just tons of activities. We even got free tickets for the party this next Saturday with a live band doing a tribute to the Beach Boys.

We’re SO excited. We could close as early as next Monday (4/8/13). We’ll take a few days to get moved in, but it shouldn’t take too long. Can’t wait.


Bob said...

Wow. What a great home!Can't wait to come see it!

Bob said...

Wow. What a great home!Can't wait to come see it!

Heather said...

Greetings Donna! I was hoping you would be willing to answer a question regarding your blog! My name is Heather and my email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)