Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nothin' Could Be Fine-ahhhh!

Or maybe the title should be “By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea”. I couldn’t decide. But either way, our week by the sea in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was definitely fine!

We stayed at Ocean Lakes Family Campground. This complex was amazing. They boast 3400 sites, but my calculations allowed for about 900 RV sites. The rest were permanent homes. They ranged from older trailers with a porch added on to beautiful two story houses on stilts – and everything in between. The older places in no way detracted from the beauty of this community.

There were small lakes throughout and many had fountains which just added to the beauty.

Here’s a look at a few of the RV sites, with some homes and the recreation center in the background.

The RV sites were all pull-through, some with concrete pads. We were not happy with the first site they assigned to us. Since they seemed to be abundant, we asked to upgrade to one with a pad. We were VERY glad we did as we moved to the first site by the beach. Here’s the view from our couch.
And the view standing at our front door.

This was our view every morning while we had coffee in bed. Heidi loved it too!

There seems to always be wind at the beach. That means good kite-flying. And every day we’d see several. This one caught our eye.

Yes, it was one kite and the fellow flying it had great control. He had it doing loops and we really enjoyed watching it.

We walked the beach a couple of times, and even took Heidi with us. She loved it.

And that’s as close to the water as she would actually get! When a wave would come in, she would scamper away from it. She was pretty funny to watch.

This is one shot of the beach.

On our last full day at Ocean Lakes, Julian tried his hand at fishing from the beach.

He had great form, but unfortunately the fish didn’t care. He caught nothing but fresh air and some sun. I guess that’s not all bad.

We did other stuff while in the area. We went on the gambling boat one day. We went into Georgetown where we planned to take a boat trip, but it didn’t work out. So we walked through the old town area and really had a great time.

On Monday night we went to see “Legends in Concert”. We saw Rod Stewart, Roy Orbison, Bobby Darin, The Blues Brothers, Tina Turner and, of course, Elvis. All were very good at what they did and we had a super time. We’d see it again – and may do that the next time we go. The performers change so we could see a totally different lineup.

We had originally planned on only 5 nights there, but after seeing how cool it was, we added 2 more. It was well worth it. They had all kinds of amenities, including a general store, 2 pools, golf cart rentals, a small restaurant and so much more. We will definitely return to the same campground. We’ve got maps and can request one of these super sites right off the beach. And there are tons of things in Myrtle Beach that we didn’t do.

And food!! Oh, my! We ate great and look forward to trying some of the other restaurants that the area has to offer. But first we must diet and lose what we gained this week.

In the end, nothin’ could be fine-ah! We had a great time in Carolina.