Monday, March 18, 2013

Part Deux

We took another spin to the casino on Saturday morning, but had almost no luck at all. Some days are like that.

Then it was off to our next stop.The bulk of the day was spent on I-10 and I-12 across Louisiana. I have to say that these were some of the worst roads we’ve ever been on. Bump, bump, bump, bump… I don’t mean bump, pause, bump, pause, bump, pause. These were rapid and major, not great for driving your “house” down the road. We made it, though, and nothing was damaged.

At some point during the drive, Julian told me that we were officially going to have fun from here forward! No more problems! So far that’s been the case. I think getting out of familiar territory has helped us stop looking back and start looking forward to our new adventure. And hopefully all mechanical issues will be behind us as well.

So anyway, I had found 3 different Wal-Marts to spend the night at depending on how far we felt like driving. In the end we didn’t stop at any of them. Instead we chose an RV park in Sulphur, LA, just west of Lake Charles. They had cable and wi-fi, though neither were great. But it gave us electricity for TV and such.

Sunday was overcast making it cooler for the driving. We had a fairly short day, so weren’t in a big hurry to get going. And we still arrived in Dallenara RV Park on Galveston Island by about 2pm. This is a great park. We backed up right to the beach of the Gulf of Mexico. This is the view from our door.


Monday dawned with a lot of fog. We later found out that at this time of year, that is very common at the beaches. (It’s not completely gone, even as I write this in mid-afternoon.) In spite of the fog, we decided to ride the “Ducks” in Galveston. Once we moved inland and away from the beach, the fog was gone.

We traveled around Offats Bayou. These are a couple of the buildings that we saw.


The first is a restaurant that looked interesting. The second is someone’s home. That someone must be rich! We were accosted by these guys when we drove out of the bayou – almost ran over the biggest one.


Anyway, we progressed from there into town.  On the way, we passed several mansions. This one belongs to the Moody family – a name very big around these parts.


The downtown area is old and very interesting. It has great old buildings and architecture. Most house fun shops and eateries. Several had lines drawn on them indicating where the water level was after Hurricane Ike roared through a few years ago. While we were in the bayou, the driver stated that the bridge in this picture was completely under water then. (The water level was 16 feet higher!)


After the tour was over, we walked across the street to Fish Tales for lunch. Our waiter recommended the Shrimp Kisses. We found them on a seafood platter that we shared. The Kisses are shrimp stuffed with Jack cheese and wrapped in bacon, then fried. OMG, they were good… as were all the other items on the platter. Yum.

We’ll be here for another full day, but don’t yet have a plan. I’m sure we’ll come up with something to do. I’ll let you know!

Until then, happy trails to all of you.

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