Saturday, August 11, 2012

If It’s Not One Thing…

That old saying is true: if it’s not one thing, it’s another. The saga of our RV problems continues.

On Friday, we broke camp and took the RV to the shop to get the dash air conditioner compressor replaced. This went well, if very slowly. Our appointment was at 8am and we were there well before that. Thus began another day of being “homeless”.

We stopped at the store for some paper goods and then went back to the campground and settled into the rec room. I brought my laptop, so we did some planning for the driving ahead as well as which campgrounds to stay at after leaving Missouri.

Heidi was really good. At this point in her life, her back legs cause her pain when she jumps down from anywhere, so she won’t do that. But she still jumps up with ease. So to keep her from going up the steps and us having to bring her back down, we put her on a chair and positioned it so she could see us. It took a while for her to settle in, but she did and was very good.

Julian and I played pool for a while. The table in the rec room isn’t very good – balls tend to curve if not going fast enough. It was something of an equalizer because I actually won several games of 9-Ball.

We got lunch at a drive through and brought it back to the rec room to eat. It was a little cooler, but still too hot to leave Heidi in the car for very long.

By about 1:30 we headed back to the shop and hung out in their waiting area. The coach was finally done and we left a little before 3:30. Back to the campground and back into our spot. We leveled and went about the rest of the setting up process.

Very soon, Julian came in to tell me we had another problem. Whaaaaaat?!?!?! One of the jacks had lost it’s hydraulic fluid and was slowly going back up, off the ground. This just happened to be the same jack that lost its foot and spring at the beginning of our trip. Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Having had it up to here with RV repairs, we’ve decided to just tough it out the rest of the way home and get it fixed later. So there will not be any perfect leveling in our future. It wasn’t that big of a deal earlier, so I think we’ll get through this, too. We just won’t be set up quite as solidly as usual, but that’s tolerable.

So today, we leave Acorn Acres and head to Cooper Creek Resort and Campground on Lake Taneycomo. Julian is excited to do more trout fishing and maybe get a meal out of the lake. That would be cool!

That’s it for this time. Just had to share.

Happy trails!

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